What Motivates You

What motivates you to keep on track?

We know all the facts already. We’ve been told it plenty of times. Sleep more, eat healthily, exercise regularly, practice Yoga, meditate often – do all of these things and we will be much happier and more healthy. Follow the rules and we’ll live longer, we’ll be happier in our lives, we will be rewarded with great mental and physical health.

woman in hot yoga, yoga rewards you making you happier and healthier

And yet sometimes it’s so hard to stay motivated right! Especially when our worlds have been turned upside down. We’re all living through uncertainty. When will schools actually reopen? When can I see my friends and family safely again? When will it be safe to go back to normal? Will I, and everyone I care about, be safe?

Everyone, collectively, is going through a difficult time. One way or another. And at these times you might hear health experts and yogis say that this time, more than ever, we need to take care of our health.

But for some of us the motivation isn’t strong enough! Maybe we just don’t want to think about it at all. We have too much on, working from home, home schooling little ones, making runs to the shop for vulnerable people. Or perhaps we have so much time on our hands we are in a strange limbo, not knowing what to do each day, and then before you know it, it’s time for bed again

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Maybe you’re someone who wants to take the time out for yoga, or a 10 minute meditation. And each day you wake up with the resolve that you’ll find the time somewhere. And then night time comes and you haven’t managed to fit it in.

It’s hard. We get it. We’re all going through this together. You’re not alone in the challenge of staying motivated. We want to help you remember your motivation to put time aside for you, to take care of your health.

So we have some questions for you. Why do you want to practice Yoga? Why do you want to meditate?

yoga stretch, finding motivation to put time aside for yoga

Here is a motivational list for you to help you decide to put aside 30 – 60 minutes for yourself today to move and meditate:


Feel calm, positive and hopeful. Find peace, even in these times of anxiety and insecurity. Trust that everything will be okay.


Be flexible, strong, and energetic. Feel vibrant and awake. Get rid of aches, pains and stiffness and instead feel supple and very connected to your own body.


Taking a little time to get to know yourself works wonders for how much presence and energy you have for others around you. A small act of forgiveness and kindness towards yourself each day works wonders for how much love, compassion and care you then have to give to others.

woman in hot yoga class, having energy for for those around you


This is more than mood. This is an attitude. This is a deep sense of calm and comfort you can receive from spending a short amount of time each day in meditation. The positive effects of regular meditation are long-lasting, they change your experience of your life for the better and you will never be the same again (in a good way!). You find tools to stay calm, hopeful and open even through rough storms.


Inspire others to take charge of their health and their mental, physical and spiritual well being simply by travelling the path yourself. The improvements you will show in health, resiliency, fitness, strength and flexibility will be a positive example to others that are close to you. Just by taking care of yourself, you can influence those that you care about to do the same by way of example.

yoga teacher, positively influence those around you

We believe in Yoga for everyone. No matter your physical fitness level, your level of mental health, your background or your income bracket. Everyone!

We show that by offering an accessible, friendly, authentic and knowledgeable Yoga platform online. Join our community to take part in Live classes online or to enjoy our growing library of On Demand Yoga classes, meditations and Nidras.

Join us online here.

We wish you a lockdown full of hope, wonder, health, peace and flexibility!

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