What really happens on a Yogafurie Teacher Training course

The Teacher Training course is planned out carefully in advance, so that everything the students

need to know is delivered in an accessible way. However, reading the syllabus is

just one part of the whole experience. Here’s a personal insight from one of

Yogafurie’s 2016 students:

 Teacher Training Kirtan session with Tim Chalice.
Teacher Training Kirtan session with Tim Chalice.

I think the very nature of studying yoga in greater depth means you end up

asking a lot of philosophical questions you very rarely encounter in “normal”;

life. I’m not sure the point is to really completely answer all of the questions

that come up along the way in this respect. Although I certainly have enjoyed

using my brain in a very different way. While learning anatomy and

Sanskrit has felt more academic (and really nice seeing as university feels

like centuries ago), talking about what’s expected of yoga teachers and the

theories from which yoga was formed has been very challenging. You do

very much have to keep reminding yourself to come at it with an open mind

as it’s been around much longer than we have. Plus (a more humbling point)

draws on so many different people’s experiences through history.

Final thought would be that you realise just how much you expect your yoga

teachers to do and not do during a class. Furthermore you realise it’s very

hard to please every person’s different expectations of what a class “should”;


Final final thing – it’s easy to start over-analysing every class you go to.

However the massive benefit of doing this teacher training is that you definitely do

become much more body and safety-aware in your own practice and in

observing others.

Teacher Trainees studying thier notes on their mats.

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