What’s it like to do Hot Yoga as a couple? Sue and Mark Hula tell us their story

“We joined in May of 2013 and we’re still practising, I think that says it all”

What’s it like to do hot yoga as a couple?

Sue and Mark Hula are a couple of our long term Yogafurie members, having been coming to Yogafurie for almost 3 years now! There are so many different exercise choices available these days, it’s always great when you find something that works for you long term.

They enjoy coming to the hot yoga classes together as a couple. They enjoy sharing a common interest and a bit of friendly competition as a couple too!

I wanted to find out what it’s like to come to Yogafurie as a couple and we got their views on hot yoga:

“What do you think of the new studio?”

Mark: The studio is excellent. Changing facilities for both male and female are very welcome. The new heating system definitively makes a difference ; the constant fresh air supply makes breathing that bit easier. Location of the studio is also better especially as parking very nearby is now a non issue – thank goodness!

Sue: We like the new studio very much it’s so much more spacious, the mirrors are great for checking your posture and the heating system is really effective. The changing rooms are much better and having shower facilities is a real bonus.

“Out of the two of you, who brought who along first?”

Mark: Well we both decided to try karate which we knew we would be rubbish at. Only once we began did we realise just how inflexible we both were. Therefore we needed some good form of stretching and movement to aid us. With this in mind it didn’t take much persuasion from Sue for me to hunt out a good yoga class.

Sue: I had tried yoga before and always thought Mark would benefit from it as he suffers from back problems and tight hamstrings (from running) but trying to get him to attend a class was impossible. We had decided to learn karate together and this showed just how inflexible we both were and persuading Mark to give yoga a go was much easier. It was Mark that did all the research and after finding Eds class online and speaking to him, he was finally happy to try the introduction classes. We joined in May 2013 and we are still practising; I think that says it all.

“How has hot yoga helped you towards your individual fitness goals?”

Mark: I’ve always been rigid and unable to move fluidly. Although not everything has improved unfortunately, some significant progress has been made!. Certain movements previously were very limited and now they have improved. Of most note is that my posture is much better ; I feel and walk more upright! – knuckles not dragging along the floor anymore  . I treat Yogafurie as part of my weekly exercise routine. It would be hard to imagine not doing it.

Sue: For me, yoga has helped me with the flexibility I need for my other interests (dancing and karate). I can now sit on the floor cross legged without feeling incredibly uncomfortable (even my dance teacher noticed). I also suffer from arthritis and find that yoga helps me to keep my joints moving; there are some things that I find difficult but I can adapt my posture to help with this. You are always given options in class to suit your ability. I cannot imagine ‘not doing’ yoga, it is an essential part of my weekly exercise routine which benefits everything I do.

Teacher Trainee in Hot Yoga class in Warrior 1 pose but one hand on hip, one arm raised.
Yogafurie. August 2016. Photographer Freia Turland e:info@ftphotography.co.uk m:07875514528

“What would you say to other couples who want to try hot yoga together?”

Mark: Give it a go. Although it is not competitive; as a couple we do compete!  . It’s a common point of interest for a couple that both attend and that also helps motivate each other.

Sue: It’s always nice to have your own interests but it’s equally nice to be able to share an interest. Attending yoga as a couple is beneficial (not just financially) but physically as well, we can help each other when we practise at home. My advice would be just try it….

Bring your other half along to the class!

Sue and Mark find that hot yoga works for them as a couple. If you’re looking for a common interest to share with your significant other, hot yoga may work for you two as well!

The first step is getting them to give a class a go to see if they like it.  Check our hot yoga timetable here when you’re with your significant other to find a class that’s good for them.

Single class: £15 per class

Intro month: £30 for unlimited classes for a whole month for new Yogafurie members

Save money with our membership for couples

If you two love the classes, we do have a great joint membership for couples. It’s quite a discount, so it’s available for couples only. We don’t actively advertise it, so if you’d like to know more then pop us an email hello@yogafurie.com or have a chat with a member of the Yogafurie team next time you’re in class.

If you'd like to learn more about Yogafurie and what we do, then get in touch

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