Who Needs Hot Yoga Teacher Training?

Who needs Hot Yoga teacher training?

To teach means to help others realise and process new understandings. Yoga is a broad subject: teachers need to understand both practical anatomy and Yoga’s philosophical, historical and cultural framework to bring practice to life for people.

A strong, well-established personal practice is the means by which teachers teach themselves. It’s how they learn what techniques and ideas actually mean in a real body and a real life – with all their associated strengths, weaknesses and complications. Only then can they offer anything meaningful to others.

Three trainees in progressive stages of bridge pose.

The greatest learning for a teacher is that they honestly can’t do anything wrong. The way Yoga asana are executed reveals something about how the underlying human body actually works at present. Better or more functional results become possible as the underlying body undergoes profound change.

A good Yoga teacher knows this, and works with it in his or her body and life as a whole. The skill of the teacher is bringing this realisation to life within the student community – that no matter what the challenges are, every event holds a key to dealing with problems, although the “fix” might take a long time to apply.

A good Yoga teacher therefore takes full responsibility for dealing with all avenues of his or her life, and through sharing the Yoga practice, he or she enables students to step up and do the same.

Two trainees, arms joined above the head, against white brick wall.

Yogafurie’s teacher training program focuses on giving new teachers the practical body knowledge they need. We equip trainees with experience in movement, breath, mindfulness and chanting. And if you choose to join us, we will develop your appetite for personal practice. After all, it’s what we do when no one’s looking that really defines who we are…are you practicing at home?

Check out our teacher training course at https://yogafurie.com/yoga-teacher-training-bristol/

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