Why teach Yoga? One of our trainees Jodie shares her story

Our teacher trainee Jodie teaches her assessment. August 2016.
Our teacher trainee Jodie teaches her assessment. August 2016.

I started practicing yoga as a way to stretch and strengthen parts of my body after training with my running club. I am definitely not naturally flexible or supple so I’d happily set myself up in the corner with all of my props to help me find comfort in the poses during a class.

It was after a few classes I started to notice how aware I was becoming of my body internally, I also noticed that I would leave classes feeling calm and quiet in my mind. It was then I knew I was really connecting with yoga and found myself going to more and more classes out of the small town where I live. Branching out in to Bristol I came across a much wider variety of classes and hot yoga really stood out to me, I loved the idea of the classes being more challenging in the heat.  Ed demonstrated his sound anatomy and philosophy knowledge in a way that left me wanting to know more.

Studying in the studio - book of notes, coffee and yoga texbook.

I came to natural point in my life where I really wanted to deepen my practice and answer all the questions I had stored in my mind. I was ready for intense learning, new friends and plenty of yoga. Was it easy? No!

During the 8 months of study I was marathon training and then suffering with injuries from a car accident I was in on the way to the marathon which really limited my physical practice.

The teacher training course provided me with great information on all of the other styles and types of yoga that I could explore during my injuries; meditation or dyana is now a major part of my daily practice – it’s amazing!

A quote I came across during some personal research at home ”as a beginner your mind is a million pieces and your body is a whole, then, your body is a million pieces and your mind is a whole”.

As I added components of meditation, chanting and restorative asana I found myself becoming more flexible physically and mentally.

I’m now using all of this new knowledge to develop a unique teaching style which is authentic and mindful. Inspired by teachers that have made a big positive impact on my life and strive to pay it forwards to students. Watching others begin to fall in love with yoga is a really special thing to be a part of and I’m super excited to see where this takes me when I teach yoga and as a super stretched out runner.

Jodie teaching class with block in wide stance, pushing knees inwards.


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