Why Yogafurie Hot Yoga

Whether you’re looking to take care of your mental health, lose weight, reduce stress, improve your sleep, strengthen your immune system, compliment your main exercise (running, climbing, cycling), or for any other reason, you have likely heard that Hot Yoga can help you greatly.

But how does it help so well? And then which Hot Yoga studio do you choose?

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Our blog offers numerous articles that look to the science and research of the benefits of Hot Yoga. And below is a list of 10 benefits that a regular Hot Yoga practice brings to you (and there are so many more):

  1. Tools to help you manage anxiety and reduce stress
  2. Greatly improve your flexibility
  3. Become stronger
  4. Help to promote weight loss as part of a balanced and healthy lifestyle
  5. Improve your sleep quality
  6. Prevent and rehabilitate injuries
  7. Brighten your mood and enjoy increased energy
  8. Increase self-awareness and self-connection
  9. Learn meditation and relaxation techniques
  10. Develop new, good habits towards a healthy lifestyle full of vitality
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So why Yogafurie Hot Yoga?

At Yogafurie we have a story. A story of family, of strong values, and of caring for others and the earth. At our studio you are safe, welcome and feel comfortable to begin just as you are! Yogafurie is a passionately run studio with a brilliantly dedicated team of knowledgeable and approachable teachers and support staff.

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Below are features that make our independent Hot Yoga studio unique from the rest:

1. Feel comfortable to start where you are with Yogafurie

As a family run Hot Yoga studio, you instantly receive a warm welcome when you get in touch or come to class with us. This means that no matter your background in Yoga, whether you’re an absolute beginner or if you’re a seasoned pro, you will feel welcome and comfortable to be yourself and learn in the right way for you!

happy woman after hot yoga, yogafurie welcomes people of all abilities

2. We are carbon positive!

We believe in giving back! And Mother Earth needs help right now. Yogafurie’s mission is to reforest an area the size of mainland Britain by 2050. This is where our efforts and investment goes, back to the health of the earth.

You’ll see this eco-friendly and human-friendly message with everything we do. We offer high quality, beautiful Yoga clothing made from recycled plastic bottles and ethically sourced bamboo by free-range humans! If you purchase mat towels from us, you can rest assured not only that they are long lasting, gorgeous and durable, but also that they are made from recycled plastic, and come to us in compostable packaging.

So you know that whenever you take the time to look after your health and develop your Hot Yoga practice, you’re also spending your money wisely and helping us to invest in the health of the planet!

lady teaching hot yoga, yogafurie is carbon neutral

3. Personalised attention for you to develop your Hot Yoga practice

Everybody is different. And we’re a studio that appreciates this fact! Our Yoga Teachers are carefully selected based on their breadth of knowledge, skill in teaching, and their ability to see what could help you as an individual and offer it to you in a professional, caring and positive way.

This way you can continue to develop your Hot Yoga practice safely and with great results!

man touching toes, yoga teachers at yogafurie give personalised attention in yoga classes

4. Supporting a small business and our staff

By joining Yogafurie, you will be supporting a small business that continues to hire and support talented individuals who uphold the same passion and integrity as you.

Our Teachers and Support team mean the world to us! We provide our Hot Yoga Teachers with extra employee protections that simply aren’t offered in the Yoga industry at all. Typically a Yoga Teacher is a contractor and is subject to no job security, the risk of being underpaid and zero pay when they need time off. We do things differently here! We support our staff by offering them job security, a place to grow themselves professionally and progress their careers by getting involved in our Teacher Training courses. We also invest in their further education in Yoga – which comes back to benefit our members (you)!

We do this because we care about people. We also know that when we take care of our staff, they feel better supported to take care of you. So when you support this small business, you support everyone in it.

5. Become a valued part of a vibrant community

There is something about how welcoming our studio is that attracts like-minded people who are here to learn Yoga and find reasons to smile, laugh and enjoy life. When you join our community, you’ll find that not only our staff are warm and welcoming, but that also our members will strike up friendly conversation before and after class. Long-lasting friendships are built here! You can join us and feel the same way.

woman smiling after hot yoga, hot yoga is a great way to meet new people and join a new community

6. Leading the way in the Yoga industry with safety standards

Yogafurie has always maintained very high standards of cleanliness. We have always believed it’s an important part of your experience when coming to class.

And now in this time, it’s more important than ever. We are leading the way by making investments in extra cleaning and safety procedures to ensure high standards that go above and beyond the standard requirements for being a COVID secure business. You can find out about everything we are doing to keep you safe and ensure our studio is bright, clean and fresh every time you visit here.

Ed & Hamish, hot yoga at yogafurie is safe and covid secure

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our values, how we take care of our staff, members and the earth – and what it all means for you! If you love our story then ride that inspiration wave and book yourself a space in class today.

If you'd like to learn more about Yogafurie and what we do, then get in touch

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