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Start Your Yoga Journey with Yogafurie's Hot Yoga Classes

No need to break a sweat (unless you want to)! 8 different class styles, delivered at a variety of temperatures. Our Yoga studio in Bristol has something to suit every Yoga preference with all the amazing benefits of Hot Yoga.

New Customers: Two Weeks Unlimited Yoga for £30

New to Hot Yoga?

If you’re looking for the best yoga studio in Bristol, you’re in the right place. Yogafurie’s classes welcome beginners in a safe way that allows you to burn more energy, stretch deeper and build strength fast. Meaning that you build a strong foundation to develop well in your Yoga and Hot Yoga practice.

New Customers: Two Weeks Unlimited Yoga for £30

The Hot Yoga trial that works!

Experience the best Yoga in Bristol. Yogafurie welcomes you with a warm smile, a clean studio and expert, approachable Teachers that are passionate about guiding you along your fitness and well-being goals.

New Customers: Two Weeks Unlimited Yoga for £30

People like you love it!

"I love Yogafurie, I feel so at home as soon as I walk into the studio. The classes are great and as a Yoga novice when I joined the Yoga instructors were great at putting me at ease and helping me move in tune with my body."
"Never too old, never too sick, never too late to do hot yoga and maintain a healthy body and mind, it is life changing 🙏🙏 "
"An amazing family-run business that emphasises the importance of the practice of Yoga offering heart-centered, grounding and energising classes. The icing on the cake is that Yogafurie teaching staff is among the best in Bristol!!"
26+2’s evolution into Primal Furie at Yogafurie Bristol UK

Already feel confident in Yoga?

You will love exploring our different Hot Yoga classes.  Some that push you physically, some that take you into a deeply restful and meditative place. Enjoy learning from our Teachers who offer you expert and relevant knowledge in Yoga, anatomy, philosophy, history and more.

New Customers: Two Weeks Unlimited Yoga for £30

An amazing experience

Feel welcome

Feel welcome to start just as you are. Join in with the community of people just like you who are looking to improve their health, physical fitness and well-being and mental wellness.

Get Stronger, more flexible, fitter

See the results from your first class. And as you build, enjoy the confidence and wellbeing you experience in your body.

Learn from the best

Here, we are passionate about where modern science and ancient tradition meet. Learn Hot Yoga from our expert Teachers who never stop building their skills and knowledge.

Enjoy life so much more

Your friends, family, co-workers will notice the difference in you. You’ll be sleeping better, managing stress in positive ways, feeling stronger, more capable…more like your true self!

Limited space available. Try now!

With nothing to lose, and a lifetime of wellness to gain, you deserve to try out Hot Yoga for yourself. It takes a few classes to become accustomed to the warmth, so make the most of your Two Week Trial and see the results immediately!

New Customers: Two Weeks Unlimited Yoga for £30
This week's classes

Beginners & Advanced Yoga Bristol Classes with Yogafurie

Yoga is a type of exercise that focuses on flexibility & strength and many yoga poses can be challenging to new yoga students. Yogafurie’s different Yoga classes offer yoga workouts for beginners and advanced yoga students alike.

We believe yoga is much more than just an exercise. It’s about connecting with yourself and feeling at peace. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practising for years, Yoga Bristol with Yogafurie will deliver the best experience possible. We take beginners by the hand in our safe environment and give them steps they can do when they get home. With time (and practice) they will grow stronger, more flexible and feel happier inside and out. 

Yogafurie’s Bristol Yoga studio is a great place for yoga students to learn the spiritual and physical benefits of Hot Yoga. It is perfect for people who need a low-impact workout that can improve flexibility and strength over time. 

In Brief: Yogafurie’s Yoga classes offer beginner-friendly Hot Yoga lessons for people who want to explore the spiritual and physical benefits of this ancient practice.

Our Yoga Bristol studio also welcomes yoga veterans, who want to continue their yoga journey in a warm and friendly environment. You can expect fresh ideas that keep you interested, even after years of yoga practice. 

Our advanced Yoga sessions are fun & and supportive and experienced yogis will find sequences designed to keep them challenged and inspired.

If you’re a beginner or experienced yogi and looking for Yoga classes to improve your yoga practice, Yogafurie is the right choice. We offer beginners, intermediate and advanced courses with experienced instructors who make every student feel comfortable and empowered.

If you need some guidance in developing your routine, Yogafurie offers the best Hot Yoga courses for beginners and advanced students which might be just what you’re looking for. All our classes are taught in a safe and non-judgmental environment so you can feel comfortable practising at your own level. Our Yoga teachers will always balance strength with grace to ensure that students feel strong, confident and safe when they leave class. We teach yoga in a relaxed environment that allows you to burn more energy, stretch deeper and build strength fast. So whether you’re new to yoga or have been practising for years, we will deliver the best experience possible.

Yogafurie is excited to announce that we are now offering our yoga classes online! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, we have a class that is perfect for you.  Click here to find out more about our online classes.