Yoga Class Styles

Discover our vibrant, accessible and expertly curated range of Hot Yoga classes below.

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Classic Furie

Beginners are completely welcome. Come for a vibrant, powerful, yet friendly, challenge!

Here, you’ll find freedom in your mind, movement and breath. This class is the perfect way to reboot whenever you need to.

With lots of positive movement and breath cues to help you learn, you’ll quickly develop and perfect your Hot Yoga practice.

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Primal Furie 36+2

36 postures and 2 breathing exercises with the same heat and intensity of 26&2 Yoga, including an improved sequence to target the whole body.

Primal Furie takes inspiration from the Ghosh principles that inspired the hot 26&2 Yoga sequence. But Primal also brings Yogafurie’s own knowledge, individuality and inclusive approach.

This dynamic class has modifications for new practitioners and includes development for the more experienced. Observe your progress week on week with this structured and thorough sequence.

Hot Bikram Yoga - Dreamtime Icon


A sublime mix of slow flow Hot Yoga followed by Yoga Nidra, taught at a comforting 35 degrees.

This class is open to all. You don’t have to be flexible, strong, fit, spiritual or even a big meditator to enjoy this class. If you’re new to Hot Yoga and you’re nervous about how it might be, then come to this class and get used to the surroundings, our friendly staff and teachers, and learn the best ways to do postures.

If you’re looking for the most relaxed conscious state, check our Yoga Nidra Bristol classes for the most effective way to rest and restore.

Hot Bikram Yoga - Fierce Icon

Fierce Furie

Passionate about postures?

Work hard to deepen your practice in this pacey and challenging technical session. This is a varied and dynamic class, and you’ll explore all types of Yoga postures.

Hot Bikram Yoga - Hot Yin Tonic Icon
Hot Yin Tonic

In this class we will be finding our way in to stillness, working with postures which are mostly floor based and held for around 5 minutes to help release deep in to the connective tissue.

Yin is an intuitive practice and encourages students to explore their bodies and find a posture that feels the most nourishing for them.

In our fast paced, hectic lives its incredibly important we take this time out to to stop and listen. This class is time dedicated for rest, inviting in balance and allowing these opposite forces to complement each other.

Hot Bikram Yoga - Core Deep Yoga Icon
Dark Furie

Dark Furie is a unique Hot Yoga class combining the excitement of a music venue with the quality and care of a Yogafurie class. In a darkened room, you’ll be led through challenging Hot Yoga sequences while upbeat music feeds feel-good energy. Come to your centre and find your wings for flight. In this class you’ll explore the contrast between strength and flexibility that defines the progressive Hot Yoga student.

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