Acknowledge, reframe and manage anxiety

Yoga for anxiety

Saturday 27th March 10am - 12pm online

Uncertainty, change and stress can heighten feelings of anxiety. But what if we could transform the way we see our anxiety and view it in a different light?

Join this thoughtful workshop for £18. Book your space below and we will send you the Zoom link the day before the event.

This extended practice will help you to explore, understand and learn how to navigate feelings of anxiety in the body and mind.
We will be delving into pranayama (breath techniques), movements to release tension in the body (particularly in the neck, shoulders and tummy) and techniques to relax and restore the body and mind. We will be creating space physically and mentally to invite more self acceptance and find peace of mind away from any anxious thoughts.

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To book your space, head to the 27th March on this timetable by clicking the ‘Full Calendar’ option. You will see the workshop listed there and you can book your space!

About Emily

Emily teaches a wide variety of Yoga styles, mainly Vinyasa Flow and mindfulness.

Through a thoughtful and adaptable Yoga Flow Emily is able to offer a release, on whatever level you may need it. Whether that’s to help find some extra comfort in your lower back or find a deeper connection to heal the body and spirit body.

Emily has developed her classes around what has helped strengthen her mind and body from the ups and downs of modern life. She is extremely dedicated to creating a nurturing and safe environment for yogis of all levels and loves what she does!

You will find Emily teaching at Yogafurie with both Hot Yoga classes and Yogafurie Academy Teacher Training.

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