Yoga for maintaining healthy bones

Your bones are something that stay with you for the rest of your life, propping you up and allowing you to go through the daily motions. It’s important to maintain them for future days to come. While maintaining a healthy diet and exercise contributes to your bone health, there are certain foods which have been proven to strengthen and maintain your bone health. So what are they?

Calcium is the age old advice when it comes to strengthening your bones, but it’s true! Calcium helps increase your bone density if you consume it for longer periods of time, meaning that your bones will remain strong and reducing the risk of a bad fall in old age.

It’s estimated that adults need around 700mg of calcium a day to maintain their bone health. You can get this from the traditional sources such as dairy foods like milk and cheese or green vegetables like broccoli and cabbage but there are also other alternatives to suit a range of diets like soya beans or tofu. With lots of soya fortified drinks available on the market these days, it’s easier to get the calcium you need than ever before.

Something else that can help you increase your bone health is Vitamin D, which helps your body absorb all of that consumed calcium efficiently. The most obvious source is of course the sun but in the winter months, it’s recommended to take vitamin D supplements to offset the reduced sunlight. If you don’t want to take supplements, natural sources of vitamin D like oily fish like salmon and sardines and egg yolks can also help you keep those levels up.

Of course, a balanced diet is not just eating healthy foods – exercise is also a main factor in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Just eating calcium rich foods can only do so much to strengthen your bones. Like every living tissue in our body, bone responds to exercise and movement by becoming stronger. Weight baring and resistance exercises have shown to be the best for increasing bone density mass.

When you think of weight bearing exercise, you mind might jump straight to weight lifting but Yoga can be a great way to build the strength of your bones while also making your daily movements easier, improving coordination and flexibility.

Regardless of if you’re new to Yoga or making your return, our classes here at Yogafurie are designed to accommodate for every skill. With our friendly instructors and close community by your side, you’ll be sure to build up skills and strength that will last a lifetime!

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