Yoga: Should we use props or not?

We’re all very different right? Different lifestyles, family commitments, upbringings and work patterns. Differing levels of fitness, body shapes and movement patterns. We all think differently, eat differently, react, love, respond and move differently.

When you think about it, we are all SO very different!

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And so it would make sense that when we go to a Yoga class, one alignment cue could work well for you, but not for the person next to you. If you run a lot it would make sense that you might need a little extra help in forward folds. If you’re rebuilding strength after pregnancy, it would make sense that you need some help with support and regaining strength.

So… should we use Yoga equipment or not?

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You might have attended some classes in the past from specific Yoga traditions that discourage the use of props and insist on one alignment for every body. And if that works for you, then that’s great news. And yet there is an ocean of people starting and developing a Yoga practice who might be put at risk of injury because of taking a stretch too far, or asking too much of their core muscles too soon.

Yogafurie is a local Yoga & Hot Yoga studio. We welcome in a lot of residents from the local neighbourhood, all over Bristol and from the South West. And we know from years of training, research and teaching, that certain lifestyles and body types will respond to a Yoga practice much better if the postures can be tailored to suit them.

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And therefore we love the use of Yoga props and Yoga equipment!

Have you ever tried to bind in a Yoga twist posture, and you’ve twisted as far as you can go but you arms aren’t long enough? Try using a Yoga belt. Having the Yoga belt to hold on to will mean you can open up across your chest and shoulders and feel how much good the posture is doing for you.

Do you have tight hamstrings and find it hard to touch the ground or fully extend your legs? Or both? Grab some Yoga bricks. You’ll find you’ve given yourself more room to open up and stretch. So instead of straining, you can take time to ease flexibility in to your legs, the healthy way. All thanks to Yoga equipment.

bricks supports tight hamstrings

Are your hips so tight that it feels sore to sit cross-legged whilst trying to meditate? Try sitting on a Yoga block. You’ll be giving your hips the opportunity to open up, whilst you can sit with a better (and more comfortable) posture and get on with the fun of a meditation practice.

And who can forget the Yoga bolster! There are so many reasons you would enjoy a Yoga bolster that we couldn’t possibly list them here. However to summarise as best we can, they greatly enhance a Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga practice. Yoga bolsters are a fantastic way to open up in back bends and hip openers. And they are so comforting that simply to hug and hold a Yoga bolster you will instantly feel the stress of your day beginning to melt away.

Yoga props and equipment have countless uses, and above are just a few common examples of how and why they can help you to greatly develop in your Yoga practice. Not just because your body will develop strength and flexibility in a healthy and functional way, but also because you will come to understand your body and the feeling of healthy movement in your Yoga practice and in your everyday life.

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In Yogafurie’s Hot Yoga classes, and in our online Yoga classes, you will find us offering Yoga equipment to use. It’s fantastic to use Yoga bricks or Yoga belts so that you can find a healthy expression of each Yoga posture that promotes health and functional movement for you, your body type and your energy levels each day!

You can purchase Yoga equipment with Yogafurie too. We sell exactly the equipment that we use at our studio, so you can rely on it’s quality. This Yoga equipment:

  • Lasts forever
  • Is super easy to keep clean
  • Is fantastic quality
  • Can be purchased in bundles so that you save money
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You can find more in our online store. If you live in Bristol or nearby you can skip the delivery charges altogether and we will work with you to arrange collection / drop-off. As we are currently in times of lockdown we can 100% guarantee that everyone’s safety is top of our priority list, so we will ensure that any collection or drop-off adheres to all guidelines around lockdown and hygiene.

If you'd like to learn more about Yogafurie and what we do, then get in touch

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