Yoga Teacher training – in a pandemic?!?

You might like the idea of learning more about Yoga and deepening your practice anyway – perhaps Yoga has already changed your life. It’s that “me” time you always needed, it helps you de-stress from life, maybe it’s made you well again. There are all sorts of reasons why we love Yoga and Hot Yoga at Yogafurie in Bristol. But with so much uncertainty – not now, surely?

yoga in a pandemic, woman in yoga class

Ironically, there’s never been a better time to study Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training with Yogafurie in Bristol, in my opinion. This blog explains why.

Health in a pandemic

People are more concerned about their health than ever before. Medical science has accomplished so much, so quickly. Improvements in treatments already mean that far fewer people die of heart disease, cancer – or even covid – than comparable times before. But the message from medicine really is: prevention. Doctors and governments all want to help people to prevent illness in the first place. Yogis know – and doctors confirm – the keys to physical health, mental strength and long life. They are: positive, mindful movement, good breathing, constructive attitudes and the right kind of lifestyle observances. These have always been the core focus of Yogafurie Yoga and Hot Yoga Teacher Training in Bristol. Hatha Yoga is rich with ancient, tried and tested health practices, and we explore them and
how to integrate them into contemporary lifestyle.

yoga for physical and mental health, lady smiling in yoga class

Face to face or online?

Here at Yogafurie, we don’t support online Yoga Teacher Training. We feel that the full breadth and impact of the tradition can only be experienced and felt in a traditional setting in person. We still teach real people, real Yoga and Hot Yoga.

lady trying yoga teaching practice, face to face yoga

What about lockdown?

People naturally ask – what happens if there is another lockdown? The best explanation I can give is to relate what we did during the recent lockdown.

We had two courses running, and both groups were at different stages in their developmental Yoga journey. We added dates to each course, to ensure that everyone received all the studio learning time that they were promised. Where we could, we also delivered some of the lecture content over zoom. This meant that we had extra time to practice and explore the lecture content in the added extra dates. We also invited trainees to pick Yoga topics they wanted to discuss, and held lots of optional webinars dedicated to these topics.

lady smiling at yog studio in bristol, allocating extra time for yoga courses during lockdown

Is there enough space for distancing?

We have a large studio. We’ve always strictly limited course numbers to 16, so that everyone gets all the personal attention they need and want. Right now, numbers are limited further, to just 14. There’s lots of space for proper distancing.

ladies in yoga pose, social distancing in yoga studio in bristol during lockdown

Want to know more?

Get in touch with us! Here at Yogafurie, we will invite you in for an informal chat about Teacher Training with a Course Leader. You will receive in-depth course information to take home with you and enjoy a free Hot Yoga class.

If you'd like to learn more about Yogafurie and what we do, then get in touch

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