Yogafurie Academy – Round up of our 2016 Course

2016 was an unforgettable journey for everyone involved in The Academy Program. We practiced from the full range of Hatha disciplines. Experts from many Yoga-related fields dropped in to help – mindfulness, fascia bodywork, a research scientist working with the human nervous system, a Sanskrit scholar from Bristol University, and a Bhakti Yogi among several others. We learned a lot about Yoga!

Celebratory Group Picture - Yogafurie Teacher training, the closing afternoon. August 2016.

Yogafurie Teacher training, celebrating the closing afternoon!

Course numbers are capped so that everyone gets the attention and assistance they need. The results speak for themselves

side angle pose

1) One student graduated with an exceptionally good overall result, passing with distinction.

2) Six students did very well, graduating with merit.

3) Two students worked very hard, passing the course well.

Two of our graduates applied for work with Yogafurie, and we’re pleased to say they are both now teaching Hot Yoga classes with us.

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