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Thinking and intellectualism

Many cultures – for a long time now – have regarded thinking and intellectualism as the defining characteristic of humanity. It’s all that’s best in people. The functions of the rest of the body, and how humans behave from those places, generate different responses.

For instance, there’s great joy in eating – but also the curious spectacle of the “Bushtucker Trial” on mainstream TV.

Love and it’s many and varied outcomes are the subject of most of the music we listen to. But there’s a reluctance from all nations to step forward and end, once and for all, the starvation, exploitation and disease suffered by millions.

Entrepreneurship and opportunism are applauded. But some people and corporations are greedy, refusing to pay taxes and maybe resorting to dirty tricks to discredit others.

We have more leisure pursuits and more leisure time than ever before. But people are still bored, and some become lost in addiction.

TVs showing addiction

There’s no need for anyone to starve any more, and our streets – by and large – are safe. But who doesn’t suffer from anxiety? Who isn’t scared of losing their job and their livelihood? And who doesn’t think it’s crazy that so much food is thrown away all the time?

Yoga has given us a model for working with all these apparent conflicts in the human psyche. When we direct our practice at chakra centres, we are working directly with ourown internal confusions and misunderstandings – the same ones we see written large across human culture.

Yogafurie presents a series of Glow Yoga workshops across the year to expose, learn to love and to evolve our own unique patterns. Each workshop, held at 30 o C, will include physical practice, chanting and meditation. History’s greatest gift is Yoga, and this generation more than any other is poised to grow through practice. What better way to mark the passing of a year?

Students joined together in a circle at Yogafurie with the lights dimly lit


Muladhara Chakra

We worked with the root chakra in the autumn of 2016, as the earth energies of the northern hemisphere were entering their (now super short) period of hibernation.

Svadhisthana Chakra

This centre deals with our relationship to pleasure. Many people will eat and drink (and the rest) to excess over Christmas – in fact, the festive season has become the time when going over the top is pretty much sanctioned. So we will work into our own positives and negatives in January, while much of the nation is coming to terms with “dry January”.

Manipura Chakra

In this workshop, we will look at what animates us – we will consider and work with personal energy and dynamism. It’s scheduled for the Spring Equinox, as this is the moment in which the northern hemisphere is poised to unleash the full force of the spring and summer growth.

Anaharta Chakra

Woman holding her hands over her central chest area

Halfway between the gutter and the stars – halfway between the visceral reality of being human and the idealised realms of imagined utopia or heaven – is the compassionate centre. It’s from here that we can see both: real, physical, animal need and the greater good, the benefit of sharing and caring for all. This workshop is scheduled for the Summer Solstice – the point midway between summer warm and winter chill.

Vishuddi Chakra

We notice the end of summer in September. The truth is that it ends in August. The temperatures are still good, but nature starts her turn long before we usually notice it. Vishuddhi deals with our relationship to truth: can we see and say what’s really happening for us and those we affect? This workshop will take place late in August.

Ajna Chakra

Scheduled for the Autumn Equinox, we work with ajna when night and day are equal. The traditional icon for ajna would include Shiva and Shakti, male and female. Ajna is the place from which all dimensions can be seen and appreciated – and then released, let go, as all being equally limited.

Person holding mala beads as they meditate

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