Yogafurie Hot Yoga: Ultimate Golfers’ Secret Weapon

Elevate your game with dynamic strength and agility. Yogafurie’s hot yoga is your key to unlocking a powerful, precise golf swing Through Yoga Poses and Routines

For many golfers, improving their golf game is a constant pursuit. Shaving strokes off their scorecard, adding distance to their drives, and improving their athletic performance is a never-ending quest. While practice, lessons and the latest equipment can help, yoga offers golfers a way to gain an edge at golf both physically and mentally.

Integrating yoga into your golf fitness training can enhance your game dramatically. Let’s look at how yoga helps golf and the best yoga poses and routines to incorporate.

What Are The Benefits of Yoga For Your Golf Game?

Yoga provides many performance and health benefits for golfers:

  • Increased rotational range and mobility in the shoulders and hips to maximise swing
  • Greater strength and stability in the upper body, core, arms and legs to transfer more power
  • Improved balance, proprioception and body control, keeping the spine neutral throughout the motion
  • Enhanced athleticism, coordination and consistency in movements
  • Better flexibility and mobility, reducing aches and pains from the golf swing
  • Stronger stabiliser muscles around vulnerable joints like wrists, knees and lower back
  • Heightened concentration and mental focus while playing on the course
  • Improved joint health

Studies have also verified yoga’s tangible impact on golf performance factors. Just 6 weeks of yoga was shown to significantly improve pelvic rotation – crucial for driving power.

Yoga for golf and golfers

The Best Yoga Poses To Help Improve Your Golf Game

Certain yoga poses target the areas most utilised during the golf swing. Here are seven excellent yoga poses for golfers:

Downward Facing Dog: Strengthens shoulders and arms. Enhances upper back rotation.

Low Lunge: Opens hip flexors and groin for greater hip turn and stability.

Standing Forward Fold: Stretches hamstrings, calves and lower back. Improves backswing mobility.

Bridge: Strengthens the spine, glutes and shoulders. Protects the back.

Eagle: Challenges balance and develops concentrated focus.

Thread the Needle: Opens the shoulders and upper back for better arm rotation.

Pigeon: Provides deep external hip rotation to mirror swing motion.

Use props like blocks or straps to assist with alignment and range of motion in these poses, especially as a beginner.

Sample Yoga Routine For Golfers

Here is a sample 30-minute yoga for golf routine:

  1. Child’s Pose: Stretches lower back, releases tension.

  2. Downward Facing Dog: Warms up shoulders and hamstrings.

  3. Low Lunge: Opens up hip flexors and groin. Hold each side.

  4. Eagle Pose: Challenges balance and focus. Repeat each side.

  5. Standing Forward Fold: Lengthens hamstrings and lower back.

  6. Bridge: Strengthens core, glutes, back and shoulders.

  7. Thread the Needle: Rotates upper back and opens shoulders. Repeat each side.

  8. Pigeon Pose: Deep external hip rotation. Hold each side.

  9. Savasana: Rests the body and quiets the mind.

Perform this sequence 2-3 times per week. Focus on proper alignment and technique. Breathe smoothly.

Additional Yoga Tips For Golfers

  • Attend yoga classes to learn proper form before practising solo at home. The proper technique offers body awareness and prevents injury
  • Try hot yoga when you start, it’s a great restorative yoga class that focuses on your entire body. It burns calories, builds bone density, boosts your cardiovascular fitness, builds a strong core, and improves your flexibility

  • Follow yoga videos or apps with golf-specific programs. Many are short 15-30 minute routines that start with basic poses and build to more challenging poses that can easily be fitted into your day

  • Experiment with different styles of yoga to find what you enjoy: Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa yoga suit golfers

  • Use yoga blocks or straps to assist with a straight spine and whole-body alignment. Don’t force the range of motion and go slow

  • Schedule yoga sessions both on and off golf days. Consistency is key

  • Let yoga help you tune inward and develop focused concentration for the course. Regular yoga practice is not only a great form of workout but also offers excellent mental benefits, overall well-being and focus 


Yoga offers golfers a way to build whole body and core strength, flexibility, motor skills, body control and mental focus – all key components for excellence. A customised golf yoga program with a yoga teacher, or an online class enhances swing mobility, power and consistency while lowering injury risk. Smart golfers recognise yoga’s value for achieving peak performance. Incorporate a sort of yoga for athletes into your golf training to play better and minimise the risk of injury, aches, pains and long-term issues arising. 

Research has shown that you will see huge benefits in your strength, fitness and focus by making time for yoga every day.


What are the benefits of yoga for golfers?

A: Yoga can improve your golf game in multiple ways. It helps increase flexibility, builds strength and stability, improves mobility, enhances mental focus and concentration and eases tight muscles after a game or tournament.

Which yoga poses are best for golfers?

Several yoga poses can benefit golfers. Some of the best poses include the lunge, the downward dog, the triangle pose, and the warrior pose. These, and slight bend poses help improve balance, flexibility, and core strength, which are essential for a strong golf swing.

How can yoga help with golf?

A: Yoga improves your golf game by increasing flexibility, strengthening your core muscles, improving your balance and stability, and enhancing your mental focus. It also helps prevent injuries and joint pain, and restorative poses can reduce back pain which is often associated with golf.

Can yoga improve my golf swing?

Yes, practising yoga can improve your golf swing. It helps increase flexibility in the hips, shoulders, and spine, which allows for a greater range of motion and a more fluid swing. Yoga also improves strength and stability, leading to more power and control in your swing.

How often should golfers practice yoga?

It is recommended that golfers practice yoga at least 2-3 times a week. Consistency is key to achieving the most benefits from your yoga practice. However, even practising for a few minutes each day can make a difference in your game.

Can yoga help with back pain often experienced by golfers?

A: Yes, yoga can help alleviate back pain and prevent future injuries. Yoga helps strengthen the core muscles that support the spine, improves posture, and increases spinal flexibility. It also promotes relaxation and reduces muscle tension, contributing to back pain relief.

Do I need any special equipment to practice yoga for golfers?

You don’t need any special equipment to practice beginner yoga for golfers. However, it is recommended to use a yoga mat for better grip and stability. Other optional yoga props, such as blocks and straps, can assist in modifying poses and deepening stretches.

Can yoga benefit professional golfers?

Absolutely. Many professional golfers incorporate yoga into their training routines. Yoga helps them improve their mobility, increase flexibility, and develop mental resilience. It also aids in injury prevention and enhances their overall performance on the golf course.

How can yoga improve my mind and body connection for golf?

Yoga promotes mindful awareness of the breath and the body. By practising yoga, you learn to focus and stay present in the moment, which can greatly enhance your mental focus and concentration on the golf course. Yoga also helps reduce stress and promotes a calm and clear mind.

Are there any resources available to learn yoga poses for golfers?

Yes, there are many resources available to learn yoga for golfers. You can find online videos, books, and websites that offer specific yoga sequences and tips for golfers. Additionally, you may consider taking yoga classes or working with a yoga teacher who specialises in yoga for golfers.

About Yogafurie

A good way to choose a yoga type is to try different classes and see what works best for you. Just a minute away from Bristol’s Gloucester Road, our dedicated yoga studio offers classes for all levels, utilising a variety of yoga techniques. 

During your journey with us, you will learn different yoga poses and techniques from beginner yoga to more advanced yoga with our experienced yoga teachers. Each yoga class is taught at your own pace, and we understand that people learn and advance at different rates when starting a new form of exercise. 

Our classes range from a 60-minute yoga class to an hour and a half, 7 days a week. We ensure that each of our yoga classes is taught by a qualified and experienced yoga instructor who will support you in improving your posture, flexibility, strength, balance, well-being, and mindfulness.

In our well-ventilated yoga rooms, you can practice yoga in a friendly, supportive environment with our experienced teachers. Practising hot yoga in our large heated studio is a relaxing and calming experience. We offer 8 different styles of Hot Yoga across the week to suit your needs and preferences.

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