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Before stress, niggling injuries, back pain and lack of sleep.

Start Yoga today with Yogafurie Online and transform your health.

Sign up for the Unlimited Monthly Membership to get your 10 day free trial and discover how great you can feel.

Yogafurie’s online classes are your ultimate resource for learning Yoga and improving your health with a leading Hot Yoga studio and Yoga Teacher Training Academy.

After just one class you will experience increased energy levels, feel less stressed, enjoy deeper sleep and feel like yourself again.

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What's Included

Signing up to a subscription of just £20 per month provides you with unlimited access to all classes, meditations and relaxation practices offered on our platform.

Don’t forget, you get your first 10 days free when you sign up. It will automatically apply the free 10 days for you so you don’t need to do anything.

Whether you like to login to access one of our Live classes or you prefer to catch up later On Demand, this platform offers you the most flexibility by adding Yoga to your life with 6 brand new classes each week!

Join Yogafurie Online and you will have access to an ever-growing library of varied Yoga classes to keep you engaged and developing your Yoga further.

We know that some people love structure, and love to take part in real time. So we offer Live classes for you to tune into. Helping you stick to a routine and never miss a beat.

We know that some lifestyles are so busy, there’s no way you could stick to a set schedule! That’s why all of our Live classes are then published and made available On Demand at any time that suits you.

Whether you’re an early riser, a night owl, or someone who likes headspace after a day’s work, you can tune into fresh Yoga classes On Demand daily.

We understand that everyone comes to Yoga at a different time in their life, and for different reasons. And that is why you will see a wide choice of styles on offer.

For those that like to work hard we offer:

  • Classic Furie
  • Fierce Furie
  • Masterclasses

And for those that are new to Yoga, or looking to take it easy:

  • Dreamtime
  • Glow Flow
  • Yin Tonic
  • Restorative

Would you like to learn to meditate? Or perhaps you already know how to but are looking for a new meditation practice?

You can find a library of content on our platform that offers deep relaxation practices such as Yoga Nidra, and also meditations.

No previous experience required for either!

Just like our physical studio in Bristol, you will find our community warm, welcoming and friendly.

You have the opportunity to leave comments and feedback for each class. You can also get in touch with us directly to ask questions or let us know your experience.

Why you need these Yoga classes!

A regular Yoga practice offers so many benefits to our physical and mental wellbeing.

It helps you to improve your flexibility, fitness and gain more strength. Did you know there are so many more?

Stronger Immune System

Movement, meditation, mindfulness and relaxation have a directly positive impact on our immune system. Yogafurie’s Yoga Classes Online are designed to help beginners introduce themselves to the world of Yoga and enjoy the benefits instantly whilst learning and improving at a pace that suits you.  

Healthier Digestive System

Relaxation is great for your gut and digestive response! And Yoga postures also have a fantastic effect in waking up your digestive system and getting things moving. 

Increased Energy Levels

When we move and challenge our bodies in a positive way, we are repaid with a feeling of get up and go! If you would like to wake up in the mornings bright eyed and well rested, try these Yoga classes online.

Better Quality Sleep

Yoga is proven to help us fall asleep faster and enjoy a deeper quality sleep once we nod off. Yoga also teaches us tools to help us get to sleep if we ever wake up in the middle of the night.

Improved Mental Health

When we practice Yoga, we practice self-compassion, mindfulness, meditation, focus and wellbeing practices. These qualities of a Yoga practice help us greatly improve our mental health and find ways to manage our stress and reduce our levels of anxiety.

What would your life look like for you if you could simply improve all of the above?

How would each day look if you woke up feeling well-rested, healthy, energetic and like you had all the tools you needed to stay mentally resilient, no matter what challenge faced you?

Yoga offers these benefits to you, as well as many others. And you don’t have to be flexible, fit or healthy already to start.

Have Some Questions?

Yes you definitely can!

Our Yoga Platform Online offers a range of different Yoga styles. Three of these are very gentle and help you to build up your strength, flexibility and fitness at a pace that works for you.

You can also access meditations and relaxation practices to improve your mental health.

Follow this link to our platform and head to our catalogue to browse the different styles.

This is entirely up to you!

A lot of us are very busy, and so making time once a week is all we can manage. You will still notice great benefits to your health if you practiced one Yoga class a week. In fact, we’re sure you will end up looking forward to that slice of time you have put aside for taking care of you every week!

If you have more time available to you, try twice or three times a week. You will begin to notice even more benefits to your health and mental wellbeing than listed above.

If you really get into it, don’t be surprised if you find yourself trying to do some Yoga daily!

Simply follow the link here in this text to open the Online Yoga Platform. And from there select the class you would like to try!

This platform offers both Live and On Demand classes. So you can take a Yoga class at the same time as the Teacher and others all over the world. Or you can find a quiet moment at a time that works for you to tune in and improve your health.

You can access a Live class every day, and if you miss it, these classes are saved for you to play later. Also, weekly you will find new masterclasses, meditations and workshops added to the library. This gives you 10+ classes and meditations weekly that never expire.

If you would like to take then you’ll find out how you can in the below questions.

If you would like to try Yogafurie’s Online Yoga then below are the options:

*Workshops are usually 2 hours long with a specific focus, you’ll see it named in the title of the video.

The unlimited access is our monthly membership, offering you the best value for your investment in your health and wellbeing.

A monthly membership offers you:

  • A new Live Yoga class daily. This class is then saved On Demand for you to access later, as often as you wish.
  • On Demand Masterclasses added weekly.
  • New meditations and relaxation practices added each week.

That’s access to 10+ classes and meditations each week for £25.

Need to know more?

If you have anything you would like to ask, please do not hesitate to get in touch using this contact form below.

Have any questions?

Need to know more? Send us a message here and we will email you the answer.

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