Meet the Team

Meet our Yoga team in Bristol

Ed Wood

Lead Yoga Teacher

Ed Wood (E-RYT500, YACEP, Yoga Elder) is the Lead Hot Yoga Instructor of Yogafurie. Ed has a keen understanding of human anatomy and a broad, deep appreciation of Yoga practice, philosophy and principles.

Ed Wood started Yogafurie  back in 2012 and has seen it grow ever since. He teaches hot and regular Yoga classes, and designed and runs Yogafurie’s successful 200 and 300 hour teacher training courses. He is certified to the highest level with Yoga Alliance International, and a registered Yoga Elder with the Independent Yoga Network.

He brings all this experience to his friendly and informal classes.

Ed has always been interested in science, anatomy and eastern practices. Before becoming a hot yoga teacher, Ed was a Tai Chi instructor. Ed has a background in martial arts, and gained a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

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Sinead Duncan

Yoga Teacher

Hello! My name is Sinead. I’m one of the Directors here at Yogafurie and it’s very likely you’ll meet me at some point when starting at our studio.

You’ll find me teaching in our hot yoga classes, leading our retreats, assisting on our Teacher Training courses, or working behind our reception desk.

I am passionate about yoga as a tradition and hot yoga as a practice. For me hot yoga is the perfect medicine, it helps us to become present and to tune in to our bodies. This helps to manage stress levels, build strength and flexibility, boost confidence and improve our mood and sleep patterns. I take a keen interest in how the body moves and what we can do to boost our health and vitality – physically, mentally and emotionally.

If you see me, come say hi!

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Joy Van

Yoga Teacher

Over time yoga has become something that I couldn’t live without.
As someone who had never previously considered myself to be particularly well-coordinated or physically capable, yoga was the first thing I found which doesn’t matter how strong, bendy or balanced you are; there’s something accessible to everyone. I was hooked, and have watched with fascination what yoga has done for me; building strength and resilience not only physically but mentally too.
I’ve been practising at Yogafurie for several years and have loved how an energetic and mindful practice in the heat has given me all-round benefits. I completed the teacher training course in 2018 and I’m excited to be able to share the benefits I’ve found in yoga through teaching.
I like to think my class style is energetic but fun.  We work hard but within our limits; wobbles and laughter are welcome.
Outside of the studio my other job as a Social Worker, you’ll find me spending time with loved ones or eating my way around Bristol.

Charlie Musgrove

Yoga Teacher

I’ve been practicing yoga since 2004 and instantly found it had many benefits, bringing relief from physical aches and tension, as well as a welcome quietness to my mind.
In 2010 I completed my yoga teacher training and I’ve been teaching ever since.  You can find me teaching hatha and vinyasa flow styles in my class at Yogafurie on a Thursday morning.  Expect a mix of meditation, breath awareness and physical movement to leave you feeling like you’ve come home to yourself.
When I’m not in the hot studio you can find me teaching pregnancy and postnatal mum and baby yoga in Yogafurie’s second studio space.
I love seeing people’s yoga practice grow and develop. Yoga can provide so many benefits on a physical, mental and energetic level that introducing someone to yoga and being part of their yogic journey is a true gift. I hope to see you on the mat soon!

James Sandercock

Yoga Teacher

You’ll see me mostly in the mornings at Yogafurie, or teaching on our Yoga & Hot Yoga Teacher Training courses!

After practicing at the studio and then training to become a Yoga teacher with Yogafurie it was the obvious place for me to teach.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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Lisa Ferro

Yoga Teacher

Since taking up a regular practice of Yoga its far reaching benefits have become very clear to me. Taking a moment out of the day to move with awareness provided me with both physical and mental strengthening. Practicing in the heat with Yogafurie brought another edge to all this; the attention to breath and body became more technical and with that the mindful, meditative elements were enhanced. It is this integration of Yoga as both an art and a science that really intrigued me and I completed my training with YogaFurie in 2021. 

You will see me on Sunday mornings for the Classic class where I aim to weave creativity, challenge as well as a sense of grounding into your practice. I hope to see you there! 

Ella Tallack

Yoga Teacher

Hello lovely person! I’m Ella 🙂 

I focus on mindful movement, teaching flows that are suitable for all abilities and that will leave you feeling stretched, refreshed and internally balanced.

While encouraging you to challenge yourself physically, my main aim is to facilitate you in finding peace – building on present moment awareness and letting go of all judgement – returning you to your true self.

Drawing inspiration from natural cycles and deeper themes/emotions, I create my classes guided by mother nature and using all the tools I’ve found most healing.

I would love to share them with you.

See you soon! 

Aaron Mulhern

Yoga Teacher

I was always interested in strength and conditioning but once I stepped into the hot studio I discovered a whole new terrain of movement done in a mindful, introspective way.

It’s a bit like tea; I don’t feel quite right without it and yet what makes it special is hard to get across.

When I am not at the studio teaching or practising I am generally chilling out with my three year old son or reading (anatomy and sports books if I feel proactive, fantasy if I need some down time).

If you ever have any questions then be sure to ask me, I’m always learning but I love to share what I’ve discovered so far.

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Lou Barry

Administrator and Yoga Teacher

‘Heeey – My name is Lou! 
I am one of the Hot Yoga teachers here at Yogafurie and am passionate about offering dynamic, challenging and mindful practices that will combine a mixture of traditional asana with mobility practices and creative sequencing. 
I started practising Yoga at a poignant moment and was focussed on the physical benefits it offered. Since then I have seen the ceaseless growth it can offer both mentally and physically.
In my spare time I love to play music, go to gigs, long hikes, bike rides, camping – if it involves being outside in the sunshine I am always up for it. 
You may see me around the studio throughout the week, from classic early mornings to fiery fierce Friday evening classes – if you have any questions, I’d love to chat. 
Can’t wait to move with you!
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Sharon Zurybida

Administrator and Receptionist

Hi, I am Sharon. I am part of the Admin and Reception team at Yogafurie. I am so excited to be part of the team and meet you all!
I am a yoga lover myself and currently studying for a diploma as a personal trainer but yoga is where it’s at for me!
I love all things vegan and love to cook lots of plant based food and also love a bit if wine every now and then!
Come and say hi, I’m really friendly!
YF Staff2020-5

Elena De Luca


Hi to everybody! My name is Elena and I am the studio manager at Yogafurie.

You probably will see me most of the time here at the desk answering queries and managing the daily operational business! 

I obviously love Yoga and love my job here! Hope you enjoy our fantastic studio like I do! 

Namaste Hermanos! 


Behind Reception Desk

I’m Skelly. I’m well travelled for a skeleton, I’ve been to Germany and back and I’ve made guest appearances at other studios around Bristol.

When I’m not making a great double act with Ed and the Academy Team, I’m busy hanging out behind reception.

I know A LOT about Yoga as I’m around for a lot of the Teacher Training and other courses. If you have any questions, I’m quite easy to get a hold of as I’ll always be at the studio.

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